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Imagine being so good at your craft and true to your beliefs that you don’t have a care in the world about fitting in and chasing trends to earn your place in the Industry. For most recording artists, that sort of freedom doesn’t exist, but when you have a voice like Karly C, it comes quite easily.

It started out with television….

With a career that started out in 2016 lending her voice and songwriting talents to the popular television show "Dance Moms" , Karly quickly landed a Production Music publishing deal in 2018 with Warner Chappell and BMG that still finds a number of those tracks airing on television stations around 


the world to this day. While this was indeed an accomplishment, the real career defining moment for the laser focused aspiring singer/songwriter was when the title track from that 10-song debut album co-written with producer Edgard Jaude’, would then find its way into heavy rotation on the SiriusXM pop station known as "Venus" in the summer of 2019.


Then dance music and top 40…..

Since being approached on Instagram in 2020, Karly has regularly been the guest vocalist on a number of electronic dance tracks by a team of writers and producers in the U.K. That relationship once again found her distinct vocal sound broadcasting over the FM airwaves of Belfast Ireland on three of the biggest pop stations in that market.

In 2021 Karly was also a guest alongside Japanese rapper Necky, on a top 40 track by a French producer Westie Seb, (also located in Japan). That single made its’ way to FM airwaves in the U.S. mid-summer.

And ended up in country music….

While country music has always been Karly's real passion as a singer, she decided to pursue that dream in 2021 and earned herself a respectful place on the coveted Music Row charts after 23 weeks in rotation on a number of FM stations throughout the U.S.A, as well as, a handful of non-reporting ones around the globe who have kept it in their recurrent playlists to this day.

Still riding on that high, Karly C released her best work yet to digital platforms and country radio this spring with her brand-new single “I Was Gonna Love You” which is currently in rotation on over 40 FM radio stations throughout the USA and UK. 

In addition to her studio work, Karly can be seen live throughout her home state of New Jersey regularly where the audience is left on their feet in applause at her larger than life voice.  She also maintains her long running YouTube channel with 8,400 subscribers and counting, where she has fun putting out covers of some of her favorite 80s hits and other top 40 songs. 





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