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Refreshingly real with just enough commercial appeal, Karly C's bold rebel attitude defies all of the trends and clichés of today's female artists.


With a career that started out in 2016 lending her voice and songwriting talents to a popular television show, Karly C quickly landed a Production Music publishing deal distributed domestically by Warner Chappell and BMG Music Internationally in January of 2018. While this was indeed an accomplishment, the real career defining moment for the laser focused aspiring singer/songwriter was when the title track from that 10 song debut album would then find it's way in heavy rotation on the SiriusXM pop station known as "Venus" in the summer of 2019. After the single spent six weeks on air playing anywhere between 5-8 times a day, she was hooked and determined more than ever to repeat that same experience many times over.   


For the next year or so Karly would work on anything and everything that came her way, from writing, engineering, and producing her own two pop singles, to being the guest vocalist on two pop dance tracks written and produced by a songwriting team in the U.K. 


That relationship once again found her distinct vocal sound broadcasting over the FM airwaves of Belfast Ireland on three of the biggest pop stations in that market. One in particular that was so impressed that they invited Karly on as a solo artist for her own interview and debut of both of her solo project pop songs over the U.K. airwaves. 

It was a few months later in late summer of 2020 that the singer known for her pop vocal sound would make a 180 degree flip and enter the U.S. FM country music airwaves on multiple Music Row reported stations. The song was a self written concept that would enlist the services of some of Nashville's finest session players and producers to really add that shine making it a radio ready up-tempo and old school sounding addition to any station's collection. The song did rather well for a complete newcomer, earning it a modest mid-point standing on the Music Row Charts.   

Hello 2021! Still bitten by the airplay bug, Karly sharpened her songwriting skills even more, determined to really earn herself a bonified reputation as a country artist. The end result was her sophomore country single "Another Drink or Three", once again recorded and produced by the same Nashville team and released to radio in June where it is currently in regular rotation on stations around the globe, earning it a competitive spot on the coveted Music Row charts.   


While country music is Karly's passion, she still appears on top 40 radio and EDM tracks through her work with a number of different producers and songwriting teams in France, Japan, the U.K., and the United States.  

In addition to her studio work, Karly can be seen live throughout her home state of New Jersey regularly where the audience is left on their feet in applause at her larger than life voice.  She also maintains her long running YuTube channel with 8,400 subscribers and counting, where she has fun putting out covers of some of her favorite 80s hits and other top 40 songs. 






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