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Who wouldn't love a song about Amazon Prime during the holiday shopping season?

By Mike Matisa

November 19, 2022

With the 2022 holiday shopping madness to begin this week immediately after we gather around the table to give thanks for yet another year... (as full of challenges at it may have been), an Amazon truck can be seen cruising neighborhoods as often as people check their Facebook. So this could only mean one's missing a theme song, right?! Cue New Jersey crossover artist Karly C.

“I love creating music! About a year ago after my country single Another Drink or Three was finishing up on radio, I started writing one pop-punk song after another. It was like I couldn’t stop! All the years I spent listening to bands like All Time Low and Bowling for Soup just started pouring out of me. And it was fun! But about two months ago I sat on the living room floor one day and started fooling around on my guitar with the concept of my obsession with Amazon Prime. Before you knew it, I had a whole song worked up. When I played it for my fiancé’ (also manager) he just shook his head half disgusted and half excited. (lol) I asked him “what…is it bad?” He said “no…it’s brilliant, but also sad because it’s so true. You have packages showing up here all day…every day!” From that day on I was in lock down in the studio for two weeks. We wanted to try and get it out in time for the holiday shopping season”

Everything's a tap away from becoming mine

I add to cart without even batting an eye

I've got a problem that's becoming harder to hide

Cause I'm in love with Amazon Prime

And what perfect timing indeed, as a number of radio stations in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Brazil have already added the song into their rotations.

While the up-tempo track is highly infectious and comical, it's definitely something that a lot of people can relate to these days. Almost to the point of an obsession, as the lyrics so light heartedly confess. So why not embrace the insanity and proudly shout it to the stars! But don't let this sophomoric battle cry fool you. It certainly does not lack a songwriting level or radio ready sound that can stand shoulder to shoulder with major artists and their unlimited resources. To the contrary, this unsigned and fearless 29yr old, who now boasts six years of steady growth pushing out pop, country, EDM, and now pop-punk music to radio and television, has the talent and agility with her home studio to crank out one mainstream hit after another. Most recently with her crossover single, "I Was Gonna Love You" which placed an impressive #77 on the coveted the Music Row country chart out of Nashville, amongst some seriously heavy hitters in that genre. And all without a label or management company behind her.

So go ahead and stream or download your copy of "In Love With Amazon Prime" today as you join the millions of other online shoppers this Black Friday or Cyber Monday!

Title: “In Love With Amazon Prime”

Written by: Karly Coleman A.K.A. “Karly C”

Produced by: Karly C and Mike Matisa

Label: Quirky Girl Records

Mixed by: Karly C

Mastered by: Sean Glonek, SRG Studios

Distributed by: DistroKid

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